Lynne Namka
Shamanism is the world's
oldest healing tradition.
The deepest shamanic work
is healing at the soul level.
All shamanic practices are
about your empowerment.

Shamanism is a set of ancient practices involving an altering of consciousness to engage your soul and invoke Spirit and your guides. You go on a spiritual journey to travel in other dimensions and go deep within. This journey will bring you information to help resolve a soul issue. Shamanistic work may involve doing an extraction of a negative energy that does not belong in you and then calling in higher energies for your use. Shamanism is not psychological or energy work but complements these approaches to help achieve your highest healing. The call to undertake a healing journey of shamanism is a call from your soul. As a Tucson shaman, I can help you achieve this.

How do I work with you as a shaman?

Types of shamanic journeys

Other Shamanic Services
  • Releasing Old Vows and Contracts
  • Brain Issues:
    • Children and Adults with ADD
    • Autism and Learning Problems
  • Indigo Children
  • Releasing Old Karmic Love Attachments

Why is it important to do your
healing work at this time?

I am here to serve.
Let me help you in this holy work.
We do not work alone.
We work with the energies of those
who care about you.
With help from Spirit, we’ll get a lot done
in a short amount of time. So give me a call
if you love laughter, chocolate and healing.
First time client special: two hours for $70
$50 per hour session thereafter
Free Soul Extraction with scheduled session
I am north of Tucson in Oro Valley and Catalina, Arizona. You can use my contact form to send me a message or you can call me at 520-825-4766, but please note that I do not do phone or long distance healings, and I do not know of shamanic services in other parts of the world.
May Wakan Tonka, the Great Mystery,
enlighten our path. Tanyan omanipi.
How do I work with you
as a shaman?

Spirit must come when called. As someone who can shift into other spiritual dimensions, I call on Spirit to invoke your guides and mine. Together we call forth the energy for healing. Intention is an important part of working with the shamanic energies. We speak firmly with the intention that all that happens in the session be for your best and highest good.

We ask Spirit and your personal guardian spirits and guides to direct the healing process. We may burn sage or sweet grass. We may work in silence or I may use a rattle or drum or feathers to help shift consciousness, receive information and release negative energy. Individuals who work with me typically develop a stronger connection to their Inner Wisdom and guides.

Types of shamanic journeys

All matter of life is made up of frequencies. You have a unique life frequency pattern that resonates with the frequency of your soul. Your original life energy is yours and belongs to you alone but sometimes some of your energy gets scattered and lost especially if you have felt traumatized. Sometimes part of your energy has been given away or taken away by somebody else with whom you have been deeply in love with. We can do a Soul Retrieval to call back your individual frequency that might have gotten lost or lodged in another person.

When you are closely emotionally involved with another person, their frequency pattern can affect your own and vice versa. There is a spiritual interaction between people that can change their energetic patterns. Parents, lovers, or spouses can alter your frequency either in a positive or negative away. Think of people whose energy pattern flows with you so that you feel peaceful and supported. Other people who have disruptive energy may make you feel anxious, agitated or irritable. Angry parents and partners can send their negative ideas on to others.

An example of taking in another’s negative energy might be a child or a partner hearing “You are stupid” or “You don’t deserve to be loved” over and over and incorporating these beliefs into their psyche. A piece of an abusive person’s negative frequency pattern may become stuck in you in terms of an unhealthy belief that holds a frequency that affects your self-esteem. Curses are frequency patterns that work the same way. It’s my opinion that people should carry only their unique life frequency pattern. We can release negative energies of others that do not belong to you.

A shamanic soul extraction is removing any energy from your body that does not belong to you that’s inconsistent with your original life energy. This stuck energy may be the misplaced soul energy of someone else living or dead that remains of this earth plain that has lodged itself in you. This energy can gently be talked with and sent onward to complete its soul mission. You have a right to carry only your own life frequency.

Your chakras in the Astral body may be out of balance around an area of conflict in your personal life. I can read your chakras (Astral Body Balancing) to determine where the conflict imbalance is and drain negative energies. After the inhibiting frequency is removed, we can bring in a higher consciousness frequency that supports life.

We can journey to find your power animal that is specific to you for your protection from harm. Your power animal has special attributes of strength and can lend its power to you for assistance in your spiritual path.

We may access another lifetime to do a past life regression and healing. There may be a reoccurring theme of a positive or negative nature in your current life that harbors back to some other lifetime. Unexplained phobias sometimes connect back to another lifetime and can be released in both the past and present. We can access a lifetime in which you were a strong, powerful person or a healer and bring some of this strength back with you for your present-day life.

If you are too open or empathic to the energies of others and take in their negative energies or feelings, your aura may be too porous. We can talk about strengthening your boundaries and put up a holy protective shield around you which is connected to the Universal Energies of Love and Light and down to the center of the earth to deflect the negativity of others who are invasive or intimidate you.

We can do energetic work using a Chinese Energy Medicine approach to release conflict and trauma that is held in your meridians. I can teach you five energy psychology techniques to release negative emotions so that you can balance your own energy system and work on your own problems.

At times when appropriate as directed by Spirit, we can contact someone who has passed over whom you cared about to get information for you. At times we might resolve any of their conflictual issues that still affect you.

We can talk directly with an illness and ask the Part That Holds the Illness what messages it has for you. Illness can be viewed as a lack of power because of some trauma, excess of conflict and negative emotions which sets up an imbalance in the body/mind/spirit. While I can’t accomplish physical illness healing of cancer or multiple sclerosis, I can assist in releasing the emotional issues tied to any physical illness. Some headaches, back and neck pains and minor neurological disturbances are easy to release because they usually are tied to unproductive beliefs and feelings. Let me assist you in releasing emotional pain that is trapped in the body manifesting as physical pain.

We can communicate with the nature spirits to find plants to heal illness or ask which gemstones you should wear to balance and strengthen your energy.

If you are an artist or musician, I can help you connect with your muse to get information about your project or performance. We can release blocks to your creativity and channel the Spirit or the devas of your artistic media or instrument to increase your creativity and productivity. Let me help you to create the sacred space to image your heart’s calling to create your art or music.

Another deep meaningful piece of my work is to help clear people with death and dying issues before they pass on. We can release feelings of injustice, revenge and unresolved soul loss before a person dies.

Why is it important to do your
healing work at this time?

This is the lifetime that we chose to be in physical form to accomplish our healing. There are many talented healers present to help you achieve this. If you listen to your inner wisdom, you will be drawn to those healers whose particular help you need.

We are all interconnected. As a spiritual being residing in a physical body being here at this time, you have a place and purpose in the healing of our planet. As each one of us works our issues and expands our healing, it goes beyond our personal every day consciousness into the Great Mystery to help heal our collective planet.



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