Tucson Shaman - Lynne Namka
Shamanic Journeying in Tucson, Arizona


Shamanism is a set of ancient practices involving an altering of consciousness to engage your soul and invoke Spirit and your guides. You go on a spiritual journey to travel in other dimensions and go deep within. This journey will bring you information to help resolve a soul issue. Shamanistic work may involve doing an extraction of a negative energy that does not belong in you and then calling in higher energies for your use. Shamanism is not psychological or energy work but complements these approaches to help achieve your highest healing. The call to undertake a healing journey of shamanism is a call from your soul. As a Tucson shaman, I can help you achieve this.

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How do I work with you as a shaman?

Spirit must come when called. As someone who can shift into other spiritual dimensions, I call on Spirit to invoke your guides and mine. Together we call forth the energy for healing. Intention is an important part of working with the shamanic energies. We speak firmly with the intention that all that happens in the session be for your best and highest good.

We ask Spirit and your personal guardian spirits and guides to direct the healing process. We may burn sage or sweet grass. We may work in silence or I may use a rattle or drum or feathers to help shift consciousness, receive information and release negative energy. Individuals who work with me typically develop a stronger connection to their Inner Wisdom and guides.

Why is it important to do your healing work at this time?

This is the lifetime that we chose to be in physical form to accomplish our healing. There are many talented healers present to help you achieve this. If you listen to your inner wisdom, you will be drawn to those healers whose particular help you need.

We are all interconnected. As a spiritual being residing in a physical body being here at this time, you have a place and purpose in the healing of our planet. As each one of us works our issues and expands our healing, it goes beyond our personal every day consciousness into the Great Mystery to help heal our collective planet.

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